1 Methyl Bromide Fumigation

Methyl bromide is the most widely used fumigant for quarantine purposes. It is favoured in many countries for plant quarantine because of its reputation.

Methyl Bromide (MBr) is a liquid under pressure that turns into a gas when released after heating. It is stored in cylinders or cans. MBr is highly penetrative, can kill insect eggs, highly toxic to a broad spectrum of insects and similar pests, and is lethal even in relatively short exposure periods (typically 24 hours for non-perishables).

Methyl Bromide (MBr) Fumigation is the only chemical treatment accepted for ISPM 15.

But there are some goods for which problems can occur when fumigated with Methyl Bromide. Exim Fumigation Service dose not recommend these goods to be fumigate by Methyl Bromide. In general, these are – Foodstuffs, Leather Goods, Woolens, Viscose rayon, Photographic chemicals, Paper, Rubber Goods, Vinyl, Furs, Feathers (especially in feather pillows), Rug Padding (Foam rubber, felts etc.), Charcoal, Cinder blocks, Activated carbon, Horsehair articles, Oil artworks, Sulfur-based paint, Cellophane, etc. Please Contact Us for further details about non-recommended goods.

2 Aluminum Phosphide Fumigation

Aluminium Phosphide is in the form of tablets and pouches. It is used worldwide for fumigation of raw and processed commodities including grains, tobacco, cocoa beans, nuts seeds, animal feeds, tea, coffee leaf, wheat flour, processed spices, and dried fruits. It can also be used for fumigating storage structures like silos warehouses, flour mills ship holds, railcars etc We use a range of different Phosphine formulations such as Magnesium Phosphide and Aluminium Phosphide depending on the commodity, temperature and exposure. Degesch plates are also implemented in our Phosphine fumigation depending on the requirement factors.

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