Mosquitoes are foremost in man’s war against insects. Mosquitoes have a worldwide distribution, they occur throughout the tropical and temperate region & extend their range northwards into Arctic Circle. The only area from which they are absent is Antarctica. They are found at elevations of 5,500 Mts. & in mines of 1,250 Mts. Below sea level.

Mosquitoes create a health menace for Humans, Animals & Birds. Diseases like Malaria, Dengue fever, Filariasis, Yellow fever, Encephalitis, etc., are mosquitos borne.

Opening of new colonies, township, housing and industrial development brings in new habitat for the mosquitoes. Greater use of water for agricultural and industrial development contributes to greater nuisance from mosquitoes.

Mode Of Tratment

Control measures comprise of larvicidal & adulticidal control.

Larvicidal measures include locating & treating the breeding area within your premises with a suitable larvicide.

The adulticidal control can be done by Thermal Fogging at External area & space spraying on the external walls of the structure at the wall and floor junctions’ upto a wall height of 2 feet from the floor. This will be supplemented with spraying the common portions and passages within the structures.

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